Why You Should Let Your Dog Sleep With You

Whether a pet-owner should or should not allow his pet dog to sleep with him has been a subject of debate and arguments for quite some time. Some say the best time to share with your dog is to sleep with it. Some say the bed should be off-limits as it is unhygienic.

Those who let their dogs sleep with them contend that sharing a bed with a pet dog is nothing less than awesome. Some allow their dogs in the bed, but often do not admit that in public.

Reasons why You Should Let Your Dog Sleep with You

Apart from the fact that dogs definitely make excellent companions, the reasons why a pet-owner should let his dog sleep with him are:

  • Dogs Reduce Anxiety

    It has been proved that dogs reduce anxiety in stressed humans. Dogs often work as service animals for people suffering from severe anxiety or panic disorders. They enable these people to go out and live normal liveswhile they also relax them and make them calmer at night. Sleeping with a pet dog is priceless as it helps stressed humans sleep better by offering precious tranquility.

  • Dogs Cure Depression

    Dogs, besides relieving anxiety, are also known to reduce or cure symptoms of depression in humans. Unconditional love which a human finds hard to get from another human can be received in plenty from a dog. Pet-owners claim that they receive unconditional love from their pet dogs and realize that this kind of love cannot be found elsewhere. Whether one is trying to prevent depression or is looking for effective relief from severe depression, letting his pet dog sleep with him is a wonderful solution.

  • Dogs Make Owners Feel Safe

    One of the most common reasons why most people have dogs as pets is to feel safe and secure. Irrespective of whether the pooch alerts the master with just a bark or the master has got a trained protection canine, the master is bound to feel safer with his dog sleeping just beside him. The dog sleeping by his side is all the master needs to feel protected and safe. Feeling safe certainly improves the master’s sleep.

  • Dogs are Cozy and Warm

    Pillows and blankets offer an artificial or lifeless coziness and warmth. These do not compare to the warmth that the soft fur, beating heart, and warm body of the dog offers. Most masters admit that they sleep with their dogs as the pets keep them warm at night. Even a tiny pooch sleeping next to its owner can make the owner feel more warm and comfortable.

  • Dogs Adore Sleeping with their Masters

    It goes without saying that dogs love affection. They are smart opportunists and once they are given the chance to sleep in the bed with their masters they are going to love and enjoy it. It is believed to make them feel just as safe and calm as it makes their masters feel.

The pet-owners can keep on arguing whether or not one should let his dog sleep with him, but it is popular opinion that those who do not allow their dogs in their bed are missing out on the best part of having a dog. There is no point of feeling lonely and dejected in bed when the one who loves you the most is also sleeping alone on the floor.