What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog?

If you see a well maintained dog running across the streets, there are maximum chances that it is lost. Being a pet lover you might like to do whatever in your capacity to get the dog back to its owners, but you might be confused about how exactly you can help it. Read on to know how you can help a lost dog.

  • Take it in your custody but with care

    If the dog appears to be quite and sad the best thing for you should be to capture it first. You can offer it a treat which will make it clear to him that you are not there to harm him. Trust building with animals can help in changing their attitude towards you, leading to hassle free capturing.

    However, if you find that the dog is too scared and behaving ferociously it is best to call the local animal control and to try to keep an eye on it from a distance. Pet dogs that ran off from their homes are mostly found with lashes attached to their neck. You can get an easy hold of it by taking the lash in your hands.

  • Check for ID

    After you have taken the dog in your custody and you are sure that it has a family, check out for an ID tag. Most of the pet owners ensure to ID their dogs to ensure the best safety. If there is an ID, you can contact the owner of the dog right away. In case, you are not able to get him/her over the phone in the first try, keep the pet with you for a few hours before the owner calls you back. In this span ensure to feed the dog, because it is most expected to be hungry and thirsty.

  • Look for a microchip

    If the dog does not have an ID, it might have a microchip. So take it to the nearest animal shelter to get scanned for a microchip. In case it is difficult for you to transport the dog to the shelter ask for assistance from animal control. Your local shelter should be able to identify the owner immediately if the dog has a microchip.

  • Take it to an animal shelter

    If you do not find any identifiable details about the owner of the dog, you should take the dog to the local animal shelter. Because it is most expected that the owner of the dog will be checking out the shelters to find the dog, and by taking it to the shelter you are actually maximizing the chance of the dog and his family to be reunited. If the shelter facility is not able to find any identification of the dog in few hours, you might leave a picture of the dog with details about where and when you found it with the shelter and take the dog with you.

  • Opt for other measures

    If the animal shelter is not able to contact with the original owner of the dog in a day, you can try to find the owner on your own by posting fliers with pictures of the dog, asking the people living around the place where you found it and also by posting advertisements in the newspaper under the “Dog Found” column. You can also post a picture of the dog with details about your finding on the social networking sites to reach the real owner of the dog.