Steps to Create a Dog Safe Backyard

Making your backyard an ideal place for your dog to hang around is simple task. If you can do it rightly, it is most expected that your dog will also enjoy staying in that open environment. The steps to make your backyard safe and effective for your dog are as follows,

  • Proper fencing

    First of all you need to ensure that the fence of your backyard is tall and strong enough to keep your dog in and other animals out. For this you need to consider the height of your dog and also the other animals that move around your place. Also take care at the base gap of the fencing because your pet can even dig a bit of soil to make a big enough gap to pass through. If there is a door in the backyard, always ensure to lock it with something more than just the safety latch.

  • Chemicals and fertilizers

    If there are plants in your backyard it is most expected that you might need to use fertilizers and weed killers. These chemicals can be extremely harmful for the health of your pet. So, if you are going to use your backyard to keep your dog, it is best to use organic fertilizers and insect repellants that are not harmful for animals. While using organic fertilizers from your kitchen, make it a point to place the fertilizers at a depth under the soil; otherwise your pet might dig it out.

  • Plants

    There are some plants and herbs that can be harmful for your dog if ingested. So better do not grow any of these plants in your backyard. Lilies, Daffodils, black walnuts, tulip are some of the common plants that should be avoided.

  • Snakes

    If there are snakes in your area, you need to make your backyard completely free from these reptiles before letting your dog move out there alone. Keeping your backyard completely free from debris, bushes and junks can be very helpful to keep snakes away.

  • Insects and fleas

    Your backyard should also be free from insects and fleas to make it comfortable and safe for your dog. Keeping the backyard clean, well manured and dry is surely the best way to keep it free from insects and fleas. You can also use some organic repellants to keep the insects away.

  • Shade

    To make your backyard safe and comfortable for your dog a proper shed is vital. You can make a dog house of appropriate size in your backyard with some old woods or even a simple shade can do the job, but always ensure to clean it regularly.

  • Backyard water body

    If there is a water body in your backyard it can be actually great for your dog. However, the problem is that a water body adds to the number of insects and also snakes in the area. So, if there is a backyard pool, ensure to keep it clean so that it does not become a breeding place of insects and mosquitoes.

  • Keep your backyard free from sharp objects

    Your dog is most expected to not be careful enough to save himself from the sharp objects around. So, it is your responsibility to keep every kind of sharp objects away from the backyard so that your dog can be safe.

Follow the above steps and you will create a backyard that is completely safe for your pet.