Austin Eddy
I've lost this beforemisery and ginfloral arrangement the elephant in the roomI've got your backslumguzzlinghelping or herdingfor you ill try and be a little more flexiblefightercan't live long like thisanything goesall this weightno fooling the dark cloudout of the darkness into the nightthere are no winners in the human racenow were movinthink about youon the road againUNTITLED love birdssoldier boychildish behaviorsometimes i dreamlaugh it offthe phantom tollboothwere all going down this timei think I've seen you beforemellow mushroom menworried, unhappy, lonesome and sorryzanderlast night i had a glimpse of the good lifemy little chickenbig mana warmer embracewe can do this togethergoing placeswe all need a hand sometimessmoked outnothing seems to be going rightmake believe bad luckI'm on my way home to yougood luck duckmy moon your moon our moonwhen it rains it pourssoon enough my sweetmidnight snacksthere is still alot of work to dohang in there kiddo it will all be okchrist on the crosslook at all my fishgood nighthello popelearning to love yourself morei still miss youangel on highi can be an idiotbounty of the searock bottomsecrets we all need love sometimesstarry nightbar scenea little tea pot lonesome treerooster at nightwho is that?the world fades away with youOur future housei got nothing left to hidegood night mooncan i come overbone headlong distanceGone fishingfriendsbe there to let me love youits hard to relax from far awayspace casecowboydont make up storiesbuilderssharaMR. MR.U R Cuteshes all wetyou cant really get awayAnnie Oakleytree farmerdots man dots