Austin Eddy
now were movinthink about youon the road againstill holding onUNTITLED love birdssoldier boyhere's to youchildish behaviorjust relaxsometimes i dreamlaugh it offits nice to see your true colorsthe phantom tollboothwere all going down this timei think I've seen you beforemellow mushroom menworried, unhappy, lonesome and sorryzanderlast night i had a glimpse of the good lifeher ear ringsmy little chickenblizzardbig manone foot out the doorso what.this will be the last one...tonight.P.D.Aa warmer embracewe can do this togetherat home waiting for you.going placesthis ones minewe all need a hand sometimessmoked outnothing seems to be going rightmake believe bad luckI'm on my way home to yougood luck duckmy moon your moon our moonwhen it rains it poursHelensea thingsI'm here and its cold, where are you?soon enough my sweetmidnight snacksthere is still alot of work to dohang in there kiddo it will all be okchrist on the crossland of the blindmissed the boat againlook at all my fishhungry birdsgood nighthello popelearning to love yourself moreromancei still miss youangel on highi cant help but hide nowwere going down togetheri can be an idiotbounty of the searock bottomsecrets stuff at nightthe artistthe house always winstrustwe all need love sometimesbird bathone day soon time will run outstarry nighttree farmlovers friendsbar sceneparty party partythe great escapea little tea pot potted plantlonesome treerooster at nightromance maybestill hereit's not that badwho is that?you are my everythingtore upgin bluesa long way from homei'd fly away toodrunklady in a lakethe world fades away with youIm Coming BackOur future housewake upto the good lifei got nothing left to hidegood night moonheart worn highwaycan i come overbone headlong distancego to the beach go to the beach go to the beachI can imagine what it feels likeIt only seemed fitting to be head over heelsGet a hold on youwhats yours is mine so this is ourscollectionsGone fishingsquare head hair headmy home is youhigh horsefriendsbe there to let me love youits hard to relax from far awaymake believe worlds worst writerit's not just thatplease stop hidinglets do thisi can still see youspace caseim with stupidwhere did you gocowboybutterflieswanna come in?relaxdont make up storieshead in the cloudsclimbing wallsbuilderssharaMR. MR.U R Cuteshes all wetyou cant really get awayAnnie Oakleytree farmerkellydots man dots