Is Dasuquin Safe For Your Dog to Take?

Dasuquin is a relatively new product in the market which claims to have the ability to reduce the pain and mobility issues in pets caused due to joint problems and arthritis. It is a food supplement formulated with the objective to protect the cartilages, resulting into healthy joint function.

This product is claimed to be completely natural and better than the other similar products in the market particularly due to its unique composition. Dasuquin contains Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU) along with some special glucosamine and sodium chondroitin sulfate.

ASU is known to have cartilage protective actions; and it is claimed to be able to provide better joint health support compared to the formulations that contain only chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. The composition of Dasuquin inhibits the expression of many factors that causes breakdown of the cartilages.

Do your dog needs it?

Joint problems and arthritis are a severe problem in older dogs. With age, the cartilages of the joints are rubbed off, which results into joint pain and mobility issues. This can be a huge problem for any dog, and can cause him to become irritated or lifeless. So, if your dog has been diagnosed by the veterinary to have joint problems, or is prone to develop joint problems soon, switching him to this food supplement which claims to protect the cartilages can be actually effective.

It can reduce the joint pain associated with movement and can be actually helpful to bring your dog back to the normal life; or at least to ensure that his condition does not deteriorate in anyway.

Is it safe?

For every dog owner willing to give their loving pet a better life with Dasuquin it is really important to ensure that the supplement is actually safe for dogs to take. According to the Nutramax Labs, the manufacturer of Dasuquin, ASU, the new compound used in this formulation, has been found to be completely safe for dogs through studies. There were no noted adverse effects on administration of this element. So, as far as drug safety is concerned, you must not be worried to use Dasuquin.

This formulation has been developed specifically for pets, including horses, dogs and cats, and hence there is really minimum chance of having any severe adverse side effect on the health of your dog due to consumption of Dasuquin soft chews as a supplement.

The cons of Dasuquin

Before you select this supplement for your dog, it is most important to be completely aware about the cons of Dasuquin as well. In reality, every food supplement has its pros and cons; and for Dasuquin too it is the same. One of the primary cons to point here is that, all the dogs do not show the best response to Dasuquin.

While it can be very effective for comparatively young dogs in preliminary stages of cartilage breakdown, it might not show that much result in dogs with severe conditions.

The body of every dog is unique and the impacts of a supplement can always vary from one to another. Some of the dog owners who have given their dogs Dasuquin have also found that it upsets their stomach and few dogs also vomited after taking this supplement. However, the percentage of such reports is much less.

According to most of the dog owners giving Dasuquin to their dogs, the benefits of the supplement greatly outweighs the cons of the product. This supplement is also quite expensive and needs long term administration.