Why You Should Let Your Dog Sleep With You

Call me crazy, but I really enjoy sleeping with my dog. That’s why I got really excited when I found these 5 reasons why you should let them sleep with you. Do you like it when your dog sleeps with you?

Is Dasuquin Safe For Your Dog to Take?

Dasuquin is a relatively new product to hit the hot dog supplement market and it is looking to be one of the better choices out there to help relieve dog joint pain. Is it safe for your dog to take? The short answer is Yes, as long as you follow the directions. For the longer answer I have put together a nice article about it so read on!

What Would Happen To Your Dog If Something Happened to You?

This is never a topic people like to think about and for the most cases, your dog typically dies before you do. It helps to be prepared though, just in case. I don’t know about you, but I know I would like my dog to be well taken care of by a loving family if something happened to me.

Steps to Create a Dog Safe Backyard

Dogs love being outdoors and some love spending time in the backyard. The question is…is your backyard setup properly to be safe for your dog? If you don’t know you probably want to check out this important topic and be sure it is safe for them.

What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog?

Having your dog get lost isn’t fun, but what do you do when you find a lost dog? Most of the time a nice straight forward solution is already there if they have name/phone number on their dog tag. Sometimes it isn’t that easy and here are some tips to help make sure they get reunited with their family.