Why You Should Let Your Dog Sleep With You

Whether a pet-owner should or should not allow his pet dog to sleep with him has been a subject of debate and arguments for quite some time. Some say the best time to share with your dog is to sleep with it. Some say the bed should be off-limits as it is unhygienic. Those who […]

Is Dasuquin Safe For Your Dog to Take?

Dasuquin is a relatively new product in the market which claims to have the ability to reduce the pain and mobility issues in pets caused due to joint problems and arthritis. It is a food supplement formulated with the objective to protect the cartilages, resulting into healthy joint function. This product is claimed to be […]

What Would Happen To Your Dog If Something Happened to You?

Dogs usually have shorter lifespan compared to humans. However, the opposite might also happen. What if the master of a pet dog becomes bedridden or what if the master dies leaving the dog behind? Who would look after the pet dog then? Who would provide water, food, and vet care to the beloved pet? Who […]

Steps to Create a Dog Safe Backyard

Making your backyard an ideal place for your dog to hang around is simple task. If you can do it rightly, it is most expected that your dog will also enjoy staying in that open environment. The steps to make your backyard safe and effective for your dog are as follows, Proper fencing First of […]

What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog?

If you see a well maintained dog running across the streets, there are maximum chances that it is lost. Being a pet lover you might like to do whatever in your capacity to get the dog back to its owners, but you might be confused about how exactly you can help it. Read on to […]